Welcome to Faith Kids

These amazing kids are spectacular.

Dear Parents,

Our FaithKids Children’s Church purpose is to assist parents in the upbringing, training and teaching of our next generation of world changers.   We will train, teach and show children how wonderful, faithful and loving our God is and to also learn to live a life of Faith.   We will equip them with the knowledge and truth that the Word of God provides to make them ready to go out into the world and make a positive impact for God.     Children, Ready, Equipped and Willing to live a life of faith in God is our mission.  We will accomplish this by providing biblical lessons and creating a fun and welcoming atmosphere for your children.   We look forward to working with you and we are so excited to see the growth in your child’s faith walk with Jesus.   Please direct any questions you may have to our Faith Kids leader Fatima Castillo.   Again, we are so excited to take this journey with you and your family.    Please take time to read all rules and guidelines.   We Love You and God Loves You!!


Pastor Johnny Paredes

Rules & Expectations

  • Only the parents of the child or designated adult (over 18) is allowed to drop off and pick up their child.
  • Please be prompt on picking up your child at the conclusion of church service.  
  • No electronic devices will be allowed in Children Church Area.  (Church will not be responsible for lost, damaged or stolen devices)
  • No running, rough playing or touching is allowed.
  • All Children are expected to be kind and respectful with the leaders and other children.  One warning will be given for any infraction.  Parents will be notified if second warning is warranted.  
  • Children will be expected to Participate, Learn and follow all instructions.
  • Please dress all children appropriately.
  • HAVE FUN!!

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.   


Pastor Johnny


Healthy Children and Nursery Policy

In order to insure a safe and healthy environment for the children and all nursery and children church workers, please do not bring your child if He/She has had any of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours:


Children taking medications such as antibiotics are also not acceptable, as long as the child still displays symptoms, i.e. Colored nasal drainage, diarrhea, etc…

We thank God for divine healing and health, and we also thank God for wisdom!  We hope our Healthy Child Policy assure you that part of our focus is to provide each child with a safe health environment during our church services.  

We love children and consider it a privilege and honor to minister to your child.  Please bring your child back once your child no longer has symptoms.    If there are other health related issues for your child that you feel we should know about please get with our Faithkids Church leader Fatima Castillo and she would be glad to assist you.  We are here to serve you…

Pastor Johnny