PAstors of Faith Church

Pastor Johnny Paredes was raised in Midland and grew up in the local church. He is a graduate from Midland High class of 94’. Johnny is a veteran and served in the U.S. Army for six years. He served as a Youth Pastor for a local church for seven years and has been in ministry for a total of eleven years. Pastor Johnny is a graduate from Jerry Savelle bible school. 

He has been married to Crystal for over 16 years and they have three children. To love God, his people and to teach a life of faith is their life’s call and purpose. Pastor Johnny and Crystal have a strong desire to show and teach that Faith is our method to victory in this world.

The Team

Praise & Worship
Dorian Guerrero
Administration director
Joann Ekman
Setup / Tear Down Director
ySidro Duran
Rayzia Villafranco
Children's Church Director
Fatima Castillo
Production Director
Hayden Villafranco