Our curriculum

I Spy Butterflies is a four week unit aimed at preschoolers and kindergartners. As children watch how a butterfly develops from a little egg, they learn of how Jesus wants them to also grow into something beautiful. Through interactive play, listening to stories, and exploring nature, children will experience Jesus in a memorable way. Each Lesson Contains: 

  1. Creative Play 
  2. Story Time‐ The Hungry Caterpillar 
  3. Nature Time 
  4. Bible Story 
  5. Prayer 
  6. I Spy 
  7. Craft 
  8. Snack 
  9. Pretend Play 
  10. Game

Mission Statement

All Children Realise their identity in Christ Jesus. To Develop a foundation of faith based on the word of God, and to create a passionate relationship with God the Father.